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Quality policy

The main principle of work in JSC "Kamvol" is the production of high quality, competitive fabrics, yarns, which meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of consumers. That´s why firstly we have the interests of the consumer, and the slogan of the Policy Quality is “There are many producers, but there is one consumer: we focus on the consumer.


  • Logistical support the production of quality raw materials taking into account the evaluation and selection of suppliers, a mutually beneficial relationship based on mutual understanding and cooperation;
  • Technical re-equipment, introduction of advanced technologies and new raw materials, development and production of competitive products continuous improvement of product quality;
  • Targeted professional training, creating a progressive environment for high quality work, expression of personal abilities and initiative of each employee;
  • Rational use of resources through the introduction of lean production and employee motivation;
  • Continuous improvement of product quality;
  • Constant update and improvement of the existing quality management system;
  • Requirements analysis and satisfaction of customers, improvement of marketing activities, sales;


  • The commitment to excellence is the way to success;
  • High quality - worthy price;
  • The reputation of the company is the consumer trust;
  • Buyer's market is the law of the manufacturer;