Our whole past week was spent in a creative atmosphere, shrouded in Italian charm. The team of OJSC “Kamvol” Design Center was fortunate to work side by side with Mr. Michele Veneziano.

Michele Veneziano is a well-known Italian consultant in the field of creating and tailoring men's jackets.

Mr. Michele held a master class in the manufacture of a Slim silhouette men's jacket, starting from cutting and ending with wet-heat treatment of the finished product on equipment of the Italian brand “Rotondi”. The maestro drew attention to the most common mistakes, and also showed how they can be avoided.

Working with such a famous person is a great honor for the staff of the Design Center. Our employees received an additional portion of motivation and recharged the energy of this amazing person. Michele praised the quality of the equipment that the Design Center is equipped with, and also noted the qualifications and potential of our employees.

We want to express our gratitude to Mr. Michele! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience so generously! We look forward to further friendship and cooperation.

Publication date: 23.10.2019