Conquering Scandinavians

In Stockholm on June 18, the potential of the Belarusian fashion industry was successfully presented, both in the field of design and in the field of fabric production. The show was held on the occasion of the independence Day of the Republic of Belarus in the Kingdom of Sweden and the 100th anniversary of the modern Belarusian diplomatic service.

The collection of the new line of elite paintings of the flagship of the national textile industry of JSC "Kamvol" could be seen at the reception of the Embassy of Belarus and Sweden, held on the eve of the II European games. Presents a collection created by the famous Belarusian fashion designer, the author of the national Olympic team for the Games in Pyeongchang Lyudmyla Lobkovoj together with the Italian designers. The fashion show became possible thanks to the joint work of the diplomatic mission with the concern "Bellegprom" and the project of the National center for art of children and youth "fashion Mill". The guests of the celebration were presented with elite fabrics of JSC "Kamvol" series SUPER 100-140'S for business suits, as well as the latest fabrics with flax attachment, in accordance with the latest fashion trends, which aroused great interest among foreign diplomats.


Publication date: 09.07.2019